Noo...why do you spread your cheeks for money? Once I found you extremely enchanting and smart. I'm sorry, but the idea that everybody can buy you for some coins destroys all of your magic. Quick money = transgender sickness?

My priorities lie with becoming a woman.  I desire to be passable, functional and, for all intents and purposes from the perspective of society, a female.  This means I need to save money for surgical procedures (FFS, SRS, Breast Argumentation and possibly transgender voice surgery).   Prostitution and escorting is the quickest route to this monetary goal.

I do not believe in attributing intangible ‘value’ to the act of sex.  In my mind, from an incredibly logical perspective, I see sex as basically a specific and defined co-ordination between two bodies.  As far as I’m concerned with escorting, this means a homo sapiens organism embedding his genitalia within me.  

This specific co-ordination of my body in relation to someone else’s costs me nothing but time.  I do not believe that escort sex should have more meaning than as I have explained it to have in factual terms.  I am paid for this time, and subsequently, I become closer to my monetary goal and that means I will able to transition into the female which I so desire to become, sooner.  

Do not feel sad that my body is used in exchange for money.  My body is my body and until I am fully finished transitioning, my body will  be currency for it’s own development.  I actually gain satisfaction from the knowledge that the body I have now is actually going to be my route to the new body I wish to have.

The important thing to remember is that I am not a victim of any kind.  I choose this route and I do not begrudge it.  I am happy to sell sex for money.  If I found prostitution morally jarring with my beliefs (as some would) I would seek an alternate route to earning the money I need to earn.  I am thankful that I am not incarcerated by moral inhibitions - I am thankful that I see the world in which live in at face value.  I do not try and give intimate acts like sexual intercourse more meaning than they deserve.  

Also, I would like to point out that, for me, being an escort does not devalue sex.  I can still have loving, passionate and ‘intensely bonding’ sex with those I love.  I believe it is not the actual act of sex which makes it special; it is the shared pleasure and the thought processes running through the individuals’ minds as they make love together.  That is what makes passionate and loving sexual intercourse special.

I cherish all the clients I see in my line of work.  They are the people who are allowing me to forge my dreams.  Bring on everybody who wants to fuck me. If you can afford it, contribute to my transition - I am not so special that seeing me naked, fucking me, or even just having dinner with me, should not be able to be bought with money.  Money, which I am not afraid to say, I NEED.  

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