So, I have to choose a new name…

Because I’m sexually transitioning I need to to change my legal first-name, which is currently “Alexander”, to a female name and I’ve certainly been taking my time to decide!  I just want it to be perfect, seeing as I have the chance to make it so.  I’ve narrowed down my choices to 4 possible names and I’ve been asking my friends what they think suits me best and why.  

I thought that anyone who has an opinion and sees this post could also let me know what they think.

The names I’m considering, in no particular order, are:

1) Aurora - meaning itself (Aurora).

Pronounced: “o ROR ah”.

2) Imogen - meaning “Maiden”. 

Pronounced: “IM oh jen”.

3) Halion -  My own variation from Halcyon, which means “Calm”. 

Pronounced: “HAL ee on”.

4) Sable - meaning “Black”. 

Pronounced: “SAY bull”.

This list is not necessarily final and should I hear a good suggestion, I suppose it could expand. However, I have looked at an enormous amount of names, so I suspect I have considered most suggestions people are going to throw at me.

Please note this post concerns my legal name, not my internet Alias.  That will remain Sphirex :) …To clarify I currently use Sphi and Sphirex as my name in real life too.

But anyway… feel free to vote and let me know your opinions?

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  1. theycallmekarma answered: Harlow?
  2. lets-start-with-forever answered: sable *-*
  3. graemefullwood answered: I personally like Aurora. Simply because of it’s connection to the Aurora Borealis.
  4. spookyunicorn answered: I think Halion fits you and it sounds awesome :)
  5. redpowergirl answered: what if you combine both names? and make it your own?
  6. we-are-godless answered: Aurora.
  7. finnenbitch answered: I really like Sable
  8. kimurakraft answered: Halion or Aurora. kinda prefer Halion very different and quite feirce too.
  9. derekjosephstearns answered: Loving Halion!.. Reading your top 4 made me think of the name Aeterna.. meaning eternal light.. Good luck with your choosing! =]
  10. rainbowgilly answered: Sable.
  11. grave-r0bbers answered: I think Imogen and Sable are lovely names :)
  12. m-i-s-a-n-t-h-r-o-p-i-a answered: Aurora or Halion
  13. xxmiwxx answered: I think Sable is a beautiful name. ^^
  14. mossdash answered: Aurora sounds good for you!
  15. xowlx answered: Sable
  16. imrunninglateimustache answered: Im so seeing you as an Aurora. Such a beautiful name for a beautiful person :D xxx
  17. kohlver answered: Aurora.
  18. crisilla answered: I love Sable and I think it’s fitting for you~
  19. warriorpeople answered: Aurora
  20. pleasesistermorphine answered: Aurora
  21. jackcorbett answered: LOVE Aurora goes really well with your second name !!! xxx
  22. thepromiseofevolet answered: I think Sable would suit you. It’s a very pretty name. I also like Esmée:)
  23. deatharoundmyeyes answered: I think Imogen would really suit you, it’s a beautiful name :)
  24. butagnyom answered: Aurora!
  25. gothikbeauty answered: Aurora
  26. ghostlytreats answered: Aurora! :)
  27. liquidsadism answered: i think “Aurora” suit you well, and i love the sound :)
  28. jeffree-the-violent-psycopath answered: Sable
  29. fabmatic answered: the second one is intersting sounds like sth egyptian :P
  30. versaceunofficial answered: Imogen sounds nice and soo medieval ^^ <3