A few months ago I played around on photoshop with some side-views of my nose to decide what I wanted it to look like post-surgery.  I came up with 3 versions.  I know which I prefer and no-one’s opinion will change what I intend to get.  However, I’ve asked many friends for an opinion… just for my own interest really and there seems to be no clear winner at all. 

Which do you prefer?

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  1. daijawatson reblogged this from sphirex and added:
    The first one!
  2. natashakatherinesauve answered: the middle image :3
  3. m-i-s-a-n-t-h-r-o-p-i-a answered: The first one, it is proportionate with the rest of your face.
  4. biitchyyy answered: three, it’s perfect
  5. deninnbilskedenn answered: no 3
  6. steel-bones answered: The one in the middle <3
  7. liisaamaariiee answered: middle one
  8. ears-will-bleed answered: I like the first one better. Or maybe the third! ^_^
  9. toomuchvelvet answered: middle picture!
  10. we-are-godless answered: #3!
  11. justen-perez answered: The one on the right, but I like the middle one too
  12. broken-bum answered: number 3
  13. remyxpietro answered: 3
  14. yeshisson answered: Hmm.. all looks good, but I’d say number 3~
  15. lessersins answered: left but you’ll be beautiful no matter what you choose :D
  16. pauloadriani answered: I find the second one the most natural on the other hand I like the third a tiny bit more than the rest since it’s so doll like.
  17. noirvamin answered: I like the 1st one :)
  18. edenrook answered: second version is pretty amazing
  19. toiletwatermermaid answered: The 3rd one
  20. lucaslov answered: #3
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    This what i define as beauty. Androgynous without a care of anyone opinion. BEAUTIFUL
  22. butagnyom answered: 1
  23. toogucciforthis answered: the second one
  24. xsamsara answered: 1
  25. fluffystarfish answered: the first option
  26. shockmewithyourelectricpussy answered: DEFINITELY 3rd.
  27. lalarae answered: The first one is by far the most feminine. It balances out your Jaw line much more, and kind of enhances your cheekbones.
  28. ledroitdedreaming answered: #3
  29. bennibear answered: The third is great. I’m left wondering what a front view would look like!
  30. babycoquette answered: First for sure :)