You look stunning.. I also happen to have a huge fetish for 8" platforms.. Do you ever go out on those boots? Socialise? That must feel so "liberating" :)

All the time.  I’m never in less than 5.75… and I’d much rather be in 7s.  I’m gonna get some 8 inch day-wear stiletto shoes. Currently I only have 8 inch stiletto boots which are thigh high.   I just love massive shoes.

» SPHIREX: Gender - My History


I thought it would be a good starting point to explain how my views on gender and perception of my own sex have evolved from when I was a child to my present-day perceptions.

I recall my first considerations of my gender at the age of nine whilst I was in primary school. I had lived a very…

is facebook. com/ SphirexDeCourcy one of your accounts? ^-^



I miss the days where I would go to bed at 10:30 and not feel like I was missing out on something really important on a social networking site