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My thoughts about my name and your responses

Thank you everyone who has messaged me and replied to my posts about my name change, it has been interesting to see what people think.  It’s also been amusing to see the odd outside new suggestion!… It’s clear that a few people’s individual perception of some names, or their perception of me and my character is SOOO far away from the way I see things!  Calling me, Sphirex, ‘Anne’ or maybe ‘Sally’, to name a couple of suggestions, is honestly an absolutely hilarious idea in my mind xD

Overall, the most popular of my four choices were Aurora and Sable.  I wanted to briefly discuss my thought process on each name and where I’m at with choosing.

1) Aurora - This name has grown on me as I’ve tried to invisage using it in an everyday context. The vast majority of people will know how to spell it and how it is pronounced. It’s not ‘too crazy’ and in my opinion is not a ‘silly name’.  My only concern with Aurora is that I feel it is too light for my dark persona. Though it is a minor issue and this name is something I’m still definitely considering.

On a side note, I was at work in a random central London hotel yesterday.  My client left our room and as I went to pour myself some more champagne, I saw this A4 piece of laminated card under the ice bucket with the word “AURORA” written in massive font as a heading (upon further investigation this was the name of a spa).  It instantly struck me as weird as hell as I’d been thinking about the name all day. Perhaps it’s a sign!

2) Imogen - I think this name really suits me as far as the phonetics are concerned.  My issue with it is that it’s quite a common name and quite a lot of people have preconceptions of what people called Imogen are like.  I think people who don’t know anyone called Imogen are the people who feel it suits me as well as I think it does.  Also, my only other issue is that it means ‘Maiden’ in regard to virginity and frankly therefore I feel the meaning is very jarring with my personality.

3) Halion - I really love the sound of this name, though I’ve decided it sounds too powerful and dominant… perhaps even masculine for me.  I think if I had a more fiery personality this name would be a lot more fitting and I’d love to be able to use it and feel it represented me.

4) SableI keep coming back to this name.  I think this name represents me very well.  It sounds demure and sweet, yet dark and its meaning is ‘Black’, which I feel is spot-on for me.  Frankly, this is probably my current favourite.  I think people that know me better would feel this suits my personality very well.  Sable also has other meanings, like the fur of the animal often used in makeup brushes, which I like.  I don’t particularly like the fact it means sand in French… but I can definitely deal with that.

In summary, I’m looking towards choosing between Sable and Aurora.

If anyone has anything else to say, keep the replies and messages coming?

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So, I have to choose a new name…

Because I’m sexually transitioning I need to to change my legal first-name, which is currently “Alexander”, to a female name and I’ve certainly been taking my time to decide!  I just want it to be perfect, seeing as I have the chance to make it so.  I’ve narrowed down my choices to 4 possible names and I’ve been asking my friends what they think suits me best and why.  

I thought that anyone who has an opinion and sees this post could also let me know what they think.

The names I’m considering, in no particular order, are:

1) Aurora - meaning itself (Aurora).

Pronounced: “o ROR ah”.

2) Imogen - meaning “Maiden”. 

Pronounced: “IM oh jen”.

3) Halion -  My own variation from Halcyon, which means “Calm”. 

Pronounced: “HAL ee on”.

4) Sable - meaning “Black”. 

Pronounced: “SAY bull”.

This list is not necessarily final and should I hear a good suggestion, I suppose it could expand. However, I have looked at an enormous amount of names, so I suspect I have considered most suggestions people are going to throw at me.

Please note this post concerns my legal name, not my internet Alias.  That will remain Sphirex :) …To clarify I currently use Sphi and Sphirex as my name in real life too.

But anyway… feel free to vote and let me know your opinions?

Sphirex hello from venezuela, I hope you answer this question that gives me some intrigue, i saw a week ago the video that bruce did, where said he didn´t eliminated your androgenetic video, and that he didn´t hack the youtube page, so I wondered if you'd know the truth behind all. :D thank, and you are flawless gurl :3 <3 <3

He absolutely 100% did hack the account and change the passwords to Androgenetics, as well as redirect the paypal payments.  This IS the reason he was removed from the channel.  The fact he upset Yami was not the reason he was removed… at least not the main reason.  This was confirmed by youtube who located the last user of the channel, when the passwords were changed, to be exactly where Bruce lives in on the west coast of Australia.  

We believe that Bruce also gave the Androgenetics Password to Steven Joseph in Canada and we were able to see the AG account being accessed from Canada a couple days before it was hijacked in Australia. For this reason we are not 100% sure whether my video was deleted by Bruce or Steven Joseph.  

I personally never had any issue with either Bruce or Steven whatsoever, so I was disappointed to discover this.  Unfortunately, it’s simply factual though.