i had bottom surgery done and i regret it completely. sometimes i feel like killing myself because there is absolutely no turning back. dont do it sphi. alll the guys that used to hit me up no longer do because i just have a synthetic vagina... i am really depressed

I’m sorry to hear that, however, I think you are incredibly ignorant.

Some transsexuals actually truly want to be girls.  Clearly you have a lack of empathy for such people.  You do not know what goes on in my head and you shouldn’t need to to be able to accept that SRS is the right thing for me.  We may both be trans, but that does not mean that the way you think is the same as the way I do.  No two men or woman are mentally identical, so why you would assume all M2F transsexuals are baffles me.

I do not like being trans because I enjoy being a sexual fetish item for men.  I am trans simply because I have to be in order to one day become female.

There are far more men in this world who find me very attractive but are put off fucking me because I have a dick than there are men who are just attracted to me becuase they have a shemale fetish.  I’m certain that over 95% of the guys I have sex with (even being a trans escort!) would also enjoy having sex with me post-op.

You are aware that most women don't call it s pussy. You sound like a man when you say that, even though your not. Doesn't bottom surgery mean you can't cum or? And lastly what name did you end up picking? Couldn't you stick to Alex and just be Alexandria or Alexandra? Or do you really dislike those names?

HAHA… goodness.
Do you realise that I am a human being who also exists in this world and observes reality?  Perhaps you think as a cis-female that you must be innately privy to things I am not? 
Only men say pussy?  That is such nonsense. 

Have you conducted some sort of poll of men and women to ascertain this information? If so, surely due to the lack of your resources you realise that whatever sample population you asked is not very representative of the whole world.  Maybe what you say is true amongst your friends, but in my life I do not believe it to be true at all and my life and geographical location is of no less importance or statistical value than yours.

Personally, I think pussy is probably my favourite word for vagina.  However, different words for vagina exist and although they mean the same thing, they put a different spin on the sentence in which they are used.  For example, if I wanted to convey filthy imagery I might choose the word ‘cunt’ instead.  If I were referring to the female genitals in academic writing I would use ‘vagina’.

To answer the rest of your questions: Yes, if sexual-reassignment surgery is done correctly and well the M2F transsexual is usually sensate and often able to achieve orgasm.  I don’t personally really care about orgasms anyway… I find the topic somewhat boring.  Sex for me is more about a mental gratification and pleasure, as opposed to a physical one.

I have no attachment to my former boy name.  I have not used it for years.  I wanted to pick a new name which I feel represents me better and also I really wanted a rare name.  The whole point of a name is to distinguish and identify and individual, so I do not really know why in our society we have so many people with the same first names.  If I had a child I would pick a really unusual name, so that they were not subconsciously tarred with preconceptions of who they are due to other people with the same first name.  I do not feel Alexandria or Alexandra are particularly rare or suit me that well.  Additionally, I don’t really see the value in clinging to my boy name in such a fashion.  Just… why?

Do you make okay money being an escort?



Looks OK to me.

you have been talking about srs and breasts and ffs but what are you going to do for hips ? at the moment if you get breasts it make you look top heavy . have you considered getting some kind of hip enhancement to balance everything out ?

I don’t think I’d try and make my hips bigger than they already are. I’d rather have ribs removed to give me a smaller waist and increase my curves. 
I understand that if Barbie were a real woman her hips would be 28 inches and her waist, 17”.  My hips are 35 right now… That measurement will increase with hormones while my waist is just getting smaller and smaller (24” at the moment).  I think 37 hips with a 21 inch waist would be wicked measurements for me.

Is prostitution your last resort? Or do you actually really enjoy it? Why not be into cosmetology or gender studies? or something that you take fancy to other than prostitution?

Firstly, I’m a full-time student studying cosmetic science.  Prostitution is not my career path.

Secondly, I actually really enjoy the job and I’ve met lots of lovely people doing it.  I think even if I won the lottery I would still do some escorting.  I love it.

Thirdly, the job pays extremely well vs. the hours put in which is great for someone like me who is studying a degree.

are u aware of the fact that getting bottom surgery is gonna decrease ur client rate like... alot?

I’m really bored of people telling me not to get a pussy… It’s something that’s really important to me and it’s just stupid receiving an inbox full of messages saying “OMG PLEASE NOOO!!” about such a serious, personal and well-considered decision. 

I don’t care if me becoming a woman is going to make me less fetish and less attractive to trannylovers.  For all the people it makes me less attractive to, I’ll rest assured at least the same number of people will find me more attractive with a pussy. Frankly, at the moment, I’m escorting to pay for my transition.  I probably wont do much work when I’m finished transitoning. 

I’m trans because I was born male and would like to be a female, not because I want to be a tranny.