Will you ever come back to youtube? I miss the old Sphirex who made makeup tutorials and vlogs. I know you are happy with what you do, but being an escort will hinder your potential of being in a faithful relationship. There are so many LGBT youth who look up to you! Please set a good example? I know you are sick of people saying this to you, but I think you should have some more self respect. You probably won't give a fuck about anything I said here, but I'm worried for you.

I love my work.  People must stop being so closed minded.  It is my life.  I want to be an inspiration to people for the things I believe in.  Do not condemn escorts.  I am 21, I adore escorting, meeting new people who think of me no less than a goddess and who are paying me to forge my dreams by allowing me to afford the surgeries I require to transition.

Escorting is not for everyone.  Nobody should forget how strong a character I am. 

I am 21!  I don’t want a monogamous relationship.  That only ends in heart-ache.  I’m not ready for being in an exclusive relationship.  I like open relationships so I can love somebody without cutting myself off from meeting other men and enjoying myself.  I am too young to go monogamous.  I want relationships where I can explore the world and I want my partner to do the same and develop in the same way.  This is healthier than going from one closed relationship to the next.  I don’t want to start settling down until I am rather older.  Late twenties/early thirties.  By then I will have the relationship and sexual experience to make an informed choice about who my ideal partner might be.  I believe this is a healthier approach in this day and age.

To clarify, I am happy living life this way.  It is obligatory because  I need to make money to become the woman I so wish to be.  I dislike that you think I lack self respect… I am entirely self-centred.  I do things for me and I am not advocating to anyone that they should follow my footsteps, but please respect that I know where I am going and it’s thrilling to me.

Finally, yes, I will return to YouTube.  Not to do tutorials.  You can find those all over the place and I think they actually spoon-feed you information in a way which stunts creativity.  It is better to look at the final image and try your best to replicate it BY YOURSELF.  This develops true competence and a dynamic, confident artist.  Do not learn looks by wrote - that is not stimulating. Challenge yourself more and you will teach yourself how to do all kinds of creative stuff by yourself and maybe one day you will feel confident enough to create anything you see!

My deepest obsession.  I could stare into this until eternity fell in with me.This is precisely my understanding of my overwhelming narcissism - my thoughtful conjuration of how I see myself. P.S. My nipples aren’t wonky, I just have one arm raised and one arm not raised.Sable Heart HD
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Is sable heart a porn star name or are you not going with syn anymore?

Sable Heart is my Porn Star name.  My real name I am separating for real life.

Sable Heart by Vault57"Come get me, tiger…""Purr* HD
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